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Clothing Policy

We have a strict swimwear policy in Bertam WaterPark


Bikinis or Taninis

One-Piece Swimwear

Swim Jammers or Briefs

Swim Diapers

Muslimah Swimwear

Board Shorts or Swim Trunks

Rash Guards or Surfwear

Not Allowed

Compression Pants and Shirts

Sports Shorts

T-Shirts and Jerseys

Denim, Khakis or Swear Pants

Sports Bra

Jackets or Hoodies


Non-Swim Headscarves


Bertam Waterpark enforces this policy because non-swim attire:

  • will shed its lint/fibres into the pools, damaging our water filtration media that keeps our pool water clean.
  • will suffer colour bleeding or fading, which colourises the water.
  • will compromise your buoyancy due to its high water absorption.
  • will pose as a drowning hazard if you are not a strong swimmer.

For your own safety and comfort of others, please be considerate. Dress properly at Bertam Waterpark.